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 Some of the best Science Projects?

DNA Model: 
Constructing a DNA model is one of the most interesting display projects by high school students. 
In this model each component of DNA has its own specific color so the students can easily learn and memorize how DNA molecules are formed. Sugar and phosphate form the sides of the ladder while pairs of Adenine - Thymine and Cytosine - Guanine connect two sides of ladder.

This project initially was described in ScienceProject.com as a part of a larger DNA related project. Soon MiniScience.com offered a kit for constructing DNA molecules. 

In this model Styrofoam balls are used for each DNA component. Balls are joined to each other using toothpicks.

This project is recommended for all students studying DNA molecules.

Wooden Generator:
Making electricity is always a challenge. Electric generators use a mechanical source of energy and convert it to electrical energy. Many students like to make their own electric generator. It is a hobby that can also be used as a science project.

The design of a wooden electric generator was first offered in ScienceProject.com; however, not all students were able to find the proper wire, light bulb and magnet for this project. In 2002 MiniScience offered a kit for this project. This kit is a set of material that students need to construct a wooden generator.

Although this wooden generator has a very simple structure, it is not easy to construct. Fragile wooden structure makes this project more challenging. Some of the students who purchased this kit, later substituted the balsa woods with hard cardboards that they could find at home or in a local craft store.

Wooden generator is not recommended for students who have no previous experience with electricity related projects. If you are new to electricity start with "Electricity and Conductivity" projects first. Continue with electromagnet projects and leave the electric generator as your last electricity related project.

Some of the best science projects that we will feature in near future are:

  • Make Electricity (from Chemicals or fruits)
  • Testing fruits for starch
  • Finger Printing
  • Electric Bell

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